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Here are my local weather conditions (Hier is mijn plaatselijk weer)
Click for Southlake, Texas Forecast
and for a few other cities (en voor een paar andere steden)
Des Moines, IA
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Newport Beach, CA
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Fairfax, VA
Click for Fairfax, Virginia Forecast
Weslaco, TX
Click for Weslaco, Texas Forecast
Rotterdam, NL
Click for Rotterdam, Netherlands Forecast
Sydney, Australia
Click for Sydney, New South Wales Forecast
Click on any of the above images for a detailed forecast. (Klik voor het plaatselijk weerbericht.)

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websites Various links relating to the lack of academic freedom and intelligent design.
photos Our Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations Depress this button
photos My granddaughter Catherine's wedding Depress this button
photos A link to the photo album of the Dutch ladies group living in Texas Depress this button
tree The Evenbly Family Tree (De stamboom van de familie Evenblij) Depress this button
HAC page A link to the Holland America Club of Dallas / Fort Worth home page
article Old Newspaper Article featuring Meta and Boterkoek recipe
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